Eleanora Kalganova & Michael Nadtochi – Afiches

Posted: February 8, 2015 in Afiches, Eleanora Kalganova, Michael Nadtochi, Roberto Goyeneche, Tango
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Eleanora is, in my opinion, one of the greatest female dancers in tango nowadays, with enticing performances, astonishing technic and ground breaking moves. Beauty, technic, sentiment and sassiness all-in-one! Just love it!

2:10 – Eleanora does an amazing air born planeo, with such an amazing grace that the lady in the back can’t help but start clapping in a big extasy! 🙂

2:26 – This one just kills me! Eleanora, in a side step, slides on her heel and then brakes with the front part of her foot, just in perfect sync with music (following the violins, I believe). She does it so smoothly that it appears that most of the audience doesn’t even capture it.


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