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I’m really amazed with Corina Herrera! She dances with such confidance and stability, yet she’s graceful and incredibly creative!

In an upbeat milonga like this one, she will decorate the performance with tinny little details / embelishments, enriching the music interpretation. Corina is a great example on how a follower’s role can be much more than “just” comply with the steps proposed by the leader, actively contributing in the creation of the choreography and performance result.


0:17 – Corina makes a kind of small patada marking the last beat of the phrase.

0:32 – Corina marks the half-time by crossing her left foot behind the right one before steping on the beat.

0:40 – Corina makes an extra change of weight and projects the left leg sideways to emphasize the strumming of the piano keys by the end of the phrase.

0:45 – Corina makes a forward boleo in the half-time before steping on the beat.

1:27 – …

2:00 – Corina makes a forward boleo marking the half-time and right after she makes a small jump, projecting the right leg backwards, just in synch with the piano.

2:06 – Corina goes wild, marking every piano stroke in this phrase, finishing with a back boleo and making the crowd cheer with joy.