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1:05 – Beautiful and original sequences of arrastadas: first an arrastada by the woman and then an arrastada by the man
1:16 – The woman climbs on the man’s foot while he pivots on his heel, and finished with a little jump. Incredible! And so fluid!
2:59 – Great sequence of backward sacadas! So fluid and right in sync with the music!


Cesira Miceli e Gianpiero Galdi – 7 Marzo 2014 – Ospiti della Escuela de Tango di Brescia presso La Balera di Brescia.
Que nadie sepa mi sufrir- Orquesta Alfredo De Angelis

Impressive!!! For sure one of the best dancing performances that I’ve seen for a tango vals!!! Such a dynamic, allways on sync with the music and such fun and amusing, yet beautiful, steps! Great!