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I love this couple! They are very friendly and good humoured (Cristina is just delightful :)). They are great teachers and is allways great pleasure seeing them dance.

0:48 – Nice sequence of patada, doube patada and gancho of the leader on a front step of the follower

1:09 – Daniel stars enjoying the fast pace of the streaming piano and then enters in super fast crazy mode!!! 🙂

1:35 – A funny sequence where leader and follower bang each other’s foot in a mirror movement. Great fun!


01:34 – Beautiful sequence of sacada over the woman, cambio de peso of the woman and sacada of the woman to the man
01:44 – Humongous, beautiful and sensual planeo of the woman
02:13 – Frenetic sequence of giros in the variation, with three consecutive moves of enrosque > cambio de peso > sacada by the man
02:34 – I just love this twisted movement where the two become entangled in each other! So simple, so beautiful and it must feel great 🙂