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0:40 – A gancho of the man while the woman does a piernazo, followed by another gancho while the woman does a boleo.

0:51 – A nice sequence with soltada, finishing with a back sacada from Guillermo.

1:00 – Just to emphasize Marina’s beautiful embelishments…

1:49 – Guillermo leads a gancho of the woman and then does a gancho himself, while the woman is doing a boleo. He really likes this combination! Me too… 🙂

2:03 – Guillermo does a nice sequence of quick steps following the music.

2:15 – Marina does beautiful small steps around Guillermo in synch with the music.

2:25 – Nice and unusual sequence of back crosses followed by front steps by Marina.


I liked very much the interpretation of this piece in terms of musicality. I found the leader to be very creative and Marina shows great ease and elegance while she punctuates her performance with beautiful embelishments.

1:00 – Great phrasing, with syncopated movements following the bandoneon. And I just love the gancho Guillermo does while the woman is doing a high boleo. Just in time with the music!

1:12 – Marina “falls” with such grace, emphasizing the moment, followed by strong, yet fluid, gancho (it even seems to take a little exclamation yell from a lady in the audience :)). Love the dress, by the way…

1:48 – Again, great sequence in perfect synch with the music, starting with a back sacada of the woman to the man, sacadas, ganchos and boleos marking the beat and then a beautiful spin of Marina in soltada, finishing with a front boleo before recovering the embrace.

2:37 – Marina’s grace oozes through this slow and romantic part of the music, drawing her steps and embelishments in a very seductive way.

2:54 – Another syncopated sequence that goes very well with the music. It adds a nice flavour to the interpretation!

Analia Carreño & Luis Ramirez, 1-3, Buenos Aires, Salon Canning, 12.01.2015

Beautiful performance! I was mesmerized by Luis’ precise and confident lead!

02:19 – marvelous sequence of four ganchos finishing the phrase