I’m really amazed with Corina Herrera! She dances with such confidance and stability, yet she’s graceful and incredibly creative!

In an upbeat milonga like this one, she will decorate the performance with tinny little details / embelishments, enriching the music interpretation. Corina is a great example on how a follower’s role can be much more than “just” comply with the steps proposed by the leader, actively contributing in the creation of the choreography and performance result.


0:17 – Corina makes a kind of small patada marking the last beat of the phrase.

0:32 – Corina marks the half-time by crossing her left foot behind the right one before steping on the beat.

0:40 – Corina makes an extra change of weight and projects the left leg sideways to emphasize the strumming of the piano keys by the end of the phrase.

0:45 – Corina makes a forward boleo in the half-time before steping on the beat.

1:27 – …

2:00 – Corina makes a forward boleo marking the half-time and right after she makes a small jump, projecting the right leg backwards, just in synch with the piano.

2:06 – Corina goes wild, marking every piano stroke in this phrase, finishing with a back boleo and making the crowd cheer with joy.


0:40 – A gancho of the man while the woman does a piernazo, followed by another gancho while the woman does a boleo.

0:51 – A nice sequence with soltada, finishing with a back sacada from Guillermo.

1:00 – Just to emphasize Marina’s beautiful embelishments…

1:49 – Guillermo leads a gancho of the woman and then does a gancho himself, while the woman is doing a boleo. He really likes this combination! Me too… 🙂

2:03 – Guillermo does a nice sequence of quick steps following the music.

2:15 – Marina does beautiful small steps around Guillermo in synch with the music.

2:25 – Nice and unusual sequence of back crosses followed by front steps by Marina.

I liked very much the interpretation of this piece in terms of musicality. I found the leader to be very creative and Marina shows great ease and elegance while she punctuates her performance with beautiful embelishments.

1:00 – Great phrasing, with syncopated movements following the bandoneon. And I just love the gancho Guillermo does while the woman is doing a high boleo. Just in time with the music!

1:12 – Marina “falls” with such grace, emphasizing the moment, followed by strong, yet fluid, gancho (it even seems to take a little exclamation yell from a lady in the audience :)). Love the dress, by the way…

1:48 – Again, great sequence in perfect synch with the music, starting with a back sacada of the woman to the man, sacadas, ganchos and boleos marking the beat and then a beautiful spin of Marina in soltada, finishing with a front boleo before recovering the embrace.

2:37 – Marina’s grace oozes through this slow and romantic part of the music, drawing her steps and embelishments in a very seductive way.

2:54 – Another syncopated sequence that goes very well with the music. It adds a nice flavour to the interpretation!

I just fell in love with this couple by seeing this other video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yk_lyZEEmfk. It was not because of the fact that they were dancing with their little girl, but because, dispite that, they still can manage to keep perfect connection and sync!!! They are allways in tune with each other, even when they are both focussing on the girl!

They are also very amusing to watch! I never met them, but I bet they are very funny and happy people! They just radiate positive vibes :).

She has an amazing technique! The way she gracefully handles all those lifts and that intensive and creative lead. She makes both their jobs look easy.

0:24 – Consecutive lifts in sync with the music that end in a particular and funny way… (a must see)

0:44 – Creative rhythmic solution (following the strumming of the violin’s strings) with nice adornos from Daniela

1:31 – A simple side-to-side sequence that I think that works very well

1:58 – A fast sequence marking the strumming of the piano keys

I love this couple! They are very friendly and good humoured (Cristina is just delightful :)). They are great teachers and is allways great pleasure seeing them dance.

0:48 – Nice sequence of patada, doube patada and gancho of the leader on a front step of the follower

1:09 – Daniel stars enjoying the fast pace of the streaming piano and then enters in super fast crazy mode!!! 🙂

1:35 – A funny sequence where leader and follower bang each other’s foot in a mirror movement. Great fun!

Eleanora is, in my opinion, one of the greatest female dancers in tango nowadays, with enticing performances, astonishing technic and ground breaking moves. Beauty, technic, sentiment and sassiness all-in-one! Just love it!

2:10 – Eleanora does an amazing air born planeo, with such an amazing grace that the lady in the back can’t help but start clapping in a big extasy! 🙂

2:26 – This one just kills me! Eleanora, in a side step, slides on her heel and then brakes with the front part of her foot, just in perfect sync with music (following the violins, I believe). She does it so smoothly that it appears that most of the audience doesn’t even capture it.

1:05 – Beautiful and original sequences of arrastadas: first an arrastada by the woman and then an arrastada by the man
1:16 – The woman climbs on the man’s foot while he pivots on his heel, and finished with a little jump. Incredible! And so fluid!
2:59 – Great sequence of backward sacadas! So fluid and right in sync with the music!